The Proposal

I was invited by the Artist & Craftsman Supply Store in Berkeley, California to paint a mural on their store front as part of their new featured artist series. In a lot of ways, it was a very symbiotic relationship for both of us. I hadn't worked on anything quite so large, and this was the store's first step in partnering with local artists to work on the store windows.

Before starting work, A&C asked me to submit a proposal including a sketch of what the work might look like. 


The Process

The mural took about four coats of paint for each shape and about eight hours to complete. I hadn't worked on glass before, so it was surprising how translucent the first coat of paint was after applying it to the window. Three coats later, the shapes were looking bright, opaque, and beautifully matte. It may have taken a bit longer than expected, but the result is totally worth it.


The Finished Piece

Overall, I'm very pleased with the way the mural turned out. It's actually pretty close to the original sketch. Of course there are a few things I would've done differently, but it's hard to imagine a better outcome!

Thanks so much to the awesome people at The Artist & Craftsman Supply store in Berkeley, especially Farrah for finding me and inviting me to do this awesome mural. Also thanks to Robby Gilson for spending 8 hours on a Saturday painting with me and putting up with my direction :)

This was such a great experience, and I look forward to more work at this scale.