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Gatorade Point-of-Sale


Gatorade Point-of-Sale

Art Direction, Photo Retouching, Print Production

While at TracyLocke, I worked as Senior Art Director for the Gatorade brand on seasonal in-store marketing materials. Our task was to use the G-Brand look and feel on a materials that varied drastically in dimensions. We often had to use client provided artwork or extensively retouch stock photography. On some occasions, we were able to do our own photo shoots to capture the right photos.


Hydration to Replenish

We developed this design for Gatorade which uses the 'bolt' artwork from the packaging as a window for the athlete to pop through. 


Prime, Perform, Recover

We often shot our own product imagery and recomposed the bottles into different environments. In this case, the locker room, the football field, and post-game press conference.


Eli Manning & Gatorade

Gatorade has cultivated a strong relationship with many professional athletes. In some cases we used supplied imagery (above). In other cases, we would do our own photo shoot with the athletes.